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WP Selected

WordPress Theme Buckets

We group the WordPress themes that have similar visual or technical features in order to help you to find the themes you’re looking for, easily. Just click the bucket you like and start to discover the themes it has!

Why creating theme buckets?

We curate our buckets from the WordPress themes we've selected. Our purpose is to make your work easy. Therefore we're trying to group the themes that have features as much specific as possible.

But you're looking for the very best WordPress themes only? That's okay, they are waiting for your in the Hall of Fame!

What does a bucket include?

In every bucket, you'll find 6 great WordPress themes with an introduction text about the bucket subject. You can also read some useful information for the themes in that bucket, at the bottom of each bucket page.

When you couldn't find what you seek in a bucket, don't forget to have a look at the similar buckets suggested automatically.

Need a custom bucket?

If you demand a new theme bucket, we'd be happy to curate it for you. You can tell us about the bucket you want to see on WPSelected by using the form on our contact page. It's much appreciated!

You do not pay anything for this service. Once the theme bucket is ready on our site, we'll let you know.