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Tahoe - Creatives & Freelancers WP Theme

Tahoe - Creatives & Freelancers WP Theme

Brynn - Creative Portfolio WP Theme

Brynn - Creative Portfolio WP Theme

Leedo - Modern Colorful Portfolio Theme

Blomma - Creative Agency Portfolio Theme

Grenada - Creative Ajax Slider WP Theme

Kuist - Series Portfolio WordPress Theme

What Portfolio Themes Provide

To be visible in the world of creative people, you must show your work. WordPress is the greatest way to do it when combined with portfolio themes and luckily, you can find the best ones on WPSelected!

These themes are being used by designers, graphicers, photographers, illustrators, architectures, design agencies, artists and everybody else who has a visual material to show.

They generally come with a plugin to let you add your work to your site easily. And mostly, you can choose a template which fits your work best, through a couple of options. Before purchasing a portfolio theme, you can view and decide the layout alternatives on its demo site.

Design Trends

When it comes to the style of a portfolio theme, there's one important choice to make: Minimalist or not.

If you like a clean view, typographic tricks and focusing on images, then go for minimalist ones like Kuist. Other kind of themes include more design elements, more colors and target a bigger audience, like Sahel. Both styles are great and always trending!

Remember, a good portfolio theme should present your work in a creative way. While doing this, it should avoid unnecessary things like overdose animations and low percentage of space for your images. So the only thing you need to do is just having a look at the ones on WPSelected!

Portfolio Themes on WPSelected

WordPress portfolio themes are an important part of WPSelected. In fact, most of the "Theme of The Month" titles go to them. You can visit the Hall of Fame to check them out.

There's a good reason for this: They are creative! As you may already know, theme authors use sample images on their demo sites. And if it's a creative theme, it means there are plenty of source and styles to present. When this great content supported with a good theme, the WOW effect shows up.

On WPSelected, we named it "Portfolio", the category which these themes are in. But you'll see some different themes too, like the ones created for multipurpose usage.