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Brook - Creative Multipurpose WP Theme

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What does Multipurpose mean?

Would you like to create totally different sites with only one theme? You can do it with multipurpose WordPress themes. For example, they can include both a creative agency site and a marketing site!

When you visit the demo site of a multipurpose theme, you'll see a landing page which presents the site variations that could be done with it. So you can easily decide if that theme meets your needs or not.

In this category on WPSelected, it's possible to find some subject oriented multipurpose themes too. Like "Creative Multipurpose Theme" or "WooCommerce Multipurpose Theme". This means you can still use these themes for more than one purpose, but you should know they have a particular concept.

Pros and Cons

Buying a multipurpose theme seems very advantageous, since it includes many possibilities at the same price. But it brings some disadvantages too. Let's have a quick look at the pros and cons now.

Pros: Generally they come with great paid plugins, so you save your money. It's always a good practice to use the same theme for different sites, because when you create a new site with it, you already know how to use it. And also saves your time, because you don't have to search for a new theme.

Cons: Theme features could be limited according to a focused theme. It may require some experience and knowledge to use. You still need to purchase a new license for every live site you'd like to use the theme.

Theme Licenses on ThemeForest

Even if it's a multipurpose theme, it may sound odd to buy a new license for each usage. But ThemeForest rules apply here. You can find more about the licenses, on this page.

You must do it, because when you purchase a theme, you also purchase a 6 months of support package which means the theme author is obligated to help you with any issues related to the item. It would be unfair for an author to help you with different sites, multiple times, for free.

We wanted to explain this matter here, because the buyers mostly think that multipurpose themes are free to use more than once, once it's purchased.