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casaRoyal - Real Estate WordPress Theme

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Couldn't find your theme?

If the WordPress theme you're looking for doesn't exist in the specified categories on WPSelected, then it's probably in here. You'll be surprised when you see how different themes have been created with a great success.

In "Other" category, you can find WordPress themes for music, restaurants, landing pages, education, health, gaming and so on. They almost prove that WordPress is the greatest tool for creating every kind of site!

Keeping them together in this category gives us a chance to present an amazing collection on a single page.

We're glad to see more unique themes day by day, and awarding them is an honorable mission for us.

Specific and Focused

While searching through the winner themes, you'll see some niche themes like this beekeeping theme. If you're after a very specific theme, why don't you use our search tool? Just find it at the top of the page, next to the main menu.

Whatever the theme is focused on, you should examine the theme features and options very well. Don't forget that a theme could be used for way far purposes. A theme which seems unrelated to what you're looking for may be the best one for you!

Since all sorts of theme could be selected and they could have different features, we suggest you to read the item description pages carefully before your purchase. This will prevent you from unexpected results and communication problems with the theme author.

Music WordPress Themes

Yes, we try to select various themes as much as possible but music WordPress themes are one step forward. Talented authors like QantumThemes and Wolf-Themes take the lead about that.

Kentha is one of the most versatile music theme you can ever see. It welcomes you with 30 different demos, all crafted carefully.

Glytch is a TOTM winner, which makes it one of the best WordPress themes. For creating a professional music website, you should have a look at it.

Interested in more music WordPress themes? Just look at this search results page to find out more than 10 of them!